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Everspace torrent

Everspace is a rogue-like PC space shooter with next-gen visuals and audio as well as a captivating, non-linear story.

Being an Everspace pilot, you will travel & explore, hunt for resources and uncover hidden secrets as well as fight and upgrade your ship and character.

As the game is not ultra hardcore when it comes to character death, you can embrace dying on a new level. Every time you die you are going to be rewarded and can pick better gear for your next run. And yes, all upgrades and changes will be visible on your shiny ship in full detail.


More about Everspace

Everspace torrent

EVERSPACE™ is a solo space shooter game. Combining elements of a rogue-like with mind-blowing graphics, it has a captivating story. Embark on a dangerous adventure and discover a universe splendid in the ever-changing and full of surprises.


Test your address and your gift for improvisation ! Rebuild little by little the puzzle of your existence, in dialogue with the complex characters.
Face the new situations and live unique moments and intense with each new part. And don’t forget : whatever your talents as a pilot, the death is inevitable ! It only represents the beginning of a long and fascinating journey…

How to download and install Everspace torrent on your PC ?

Everspace installation tips

  • If you don’t have one, install a torrent client like μTorrent or Deluge.
  • Download Everspace torrent file by clicking the download button below.
  • Download and install an archive extractor (if necessary) like 7-zip.
  • Read the README file
  • Follow the README instructions (ex : run the crack program)
  • Launch the game

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