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Players are thrust into the dark, war-torn world of Cairn where a once proud empire has been brought to ruin and the human race driven to the edge of extinction. Cairn has become ground zero of an eternal war between two otherworldly powers, one seeking to use human bodies as a resource, the other intent upon destroying the human race before that can happen. This cataclysmic war has not only decimated human civilization purpose is warping the very fabric of reality and, in its wake, giving life to new horrors.



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Grim Dawn torrent

The game takes place in the world of Cairn, a dark world torn by war where the old empire of Arkovia, once proud and powerful, fell into disrepair, and where the human race is on the brink of extinction.
Cairn became the site of a war between two factions with supernatural powers, the Ethereal and the Chthoniens, each using the human body holding it, the other seeking to use the human race as a resource in order to pursue their sinister designs. Humans, by entering into communication with beings extra-dimensional, have learned knowledge obscure with these entities from another world, who finally attempted to open a portal to our world.


Naturally, the fear of the unknown is often present in humans justified that they have also found a way to imprison this that has gone through this portal. Through experimentation, they learned that these beings, made of ether, a kind of spiritual energy, could fuse with the human spirit, and own or control their host if they were able to crush his will. Researchers have discovered that the man, once possessed, had the natural capacity increased, even after the ethereal was removed.
This research escaped quickly out of control, as such things always do so. Researchers have come to more and more people ethereal, who escaped, and they have opened more and more portals, providing a greater number of their brothers and sisters.

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  • If you don’t have one, install a torrent client like μTorrent or Deluge.
  • Download Grim Dawn torrent file by clicking the download button below.
  • Download and install an archive extractor (if necessary) like 7-zip.
  • Read the README file
  • Follow the README instructions (ex : run the crack program)
  • Launch the game

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