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Metro Exodus is the third episode of the “Metro” franchise, an adaptation of the literary work written by Dmitri Glukhovski. In this uchronic universe, Russia is no longer in ruins after a nuclear war. Survival is always at the heart of an experience that allows the survivor to explore a post-apocalyptic world. Artyom, the protagonist of the Metro series, leaves the Moscow underground. With other members of the order, explore eastern Russia in search of a new life.


More about Metro Exodus

metro exodus


It’s 2036, a quarter of a century after the nuclear war devastated the Earth.
A few thousand survivors still cling to existence under the ruins of Moscow, in the subway tunnels.
They fought against the poisoned elements, mutant beasts and paranormal horrors. They suffered the flames of civil war.
But now, as Artyom, you have to flee the subway and lead a bunch of Spartan Rangers. On an incredible journey across the continent through post-apocalyptic Russia, search a new life in the East.
Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter game from 4A Games that combines deadly combat and stealth with exploration and horror of survival in one of the most immersive gaming world ever created.
Explore Russia’s wilderness through vast non-linear levels and follow a thrilling story that spans an entire year through spring, summer and autumn to the depths of the nuclear winter.
Inspired by Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels, Metro Exodus continues The Story of Artyom in the greatest Metro adventure yet.


  • Embark on an incredible journey – embark on the Aurora, a heavily modified steam locomotive, and join a handful of survivors in search of a new life in the East
  • Discover the survival of the sandbox-a captivating story combines the classic Metro gameplay with huge, non-linear new levels
  • A beautiful, hostile world-discover post-apocalyptic Wild Russia, brought back to life with superb day / night cycles and dynamic weather
  • Deadly Combat and stealth-recovery and field craft to customize your arsenal of homemade weapons, and engage human and mutant enemies in an exciting tactical combat
  • Your choices determine the fate of your classmates – not all your classmates will survive the trip; your decisions have consequences in a striking intrigue that offers massive replay
  • The climax of the atmosphere and immersion-a flashing candle in the dark; an unbridled gasping as your gas mask freezes; the howling of a mutant on the night wind-Metro will immerse you and terrify you like no other game…

How to download and install Metro Exodus torrent on your PC ?

metro exodus torrent


  • If you don’t have one, install a torrent client like μTorrent or Deluge.
  • Download Metro Exodus torrent file by clicking the download button below.
  • Download and install an archive extractor (if necessary) like 7-zip.
  • Read the README file
  • Follow the README instructions (ex : run the crack program)
  • Launch the game

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